Catalogue of marine electronics

To provide ship owners with modern and high-quality radio-navigation and auxiliary equipment, "Marine Technics" Group, besides supply of production of world famous brands, develops and produces its own line of equipment. All products undergo strict quality control, inspection by regulatory authorities and meets all the declared parameters, which can be confirmed by our numerous customers and partners.

Marine equipment manufactured by Marine Technics Group:

  • Navigation echo-sounder “MTDS-2008” 1 frequency (RRR, RMRS);
  • Navigation echo-sounder “MTDS-2028” 2 frequency (RRR, RMRS);
  • Power unit "MTPS-103", 7A (RRR,RMRS);
  • Power unit "MTPS-103-20", 20A (RRR,RMRS);
  • Analogue and digital programmed transducer (gyrocompass and log interface) "MTNC-101"
  • Transducer of signal NMEA 0183 "MTND-102"
  • Bridge watch alarm
  • Radar MTRR-1024
  • Video control system MTVS-77

Coming soon:

  • Gyro course indicator
  • Stationary radar station VHF
  • Navigator GPS/GLONASS

Navigation echo-sounder MTDS-2028 and 2008

Receiver MTRR-1042

Radar MTRR-1042

Radar station VHF VH-770M

Bridge watch alarm

Bridge watch alarm

Bridge watch alarm

Bridge watch alarm

Power unit MTPS-103-20A-MT

Analogue and digital programmed transducer MTNC-101