Marine radio electronics


Marine electronics department of “Marine Technics” Group offers marine electro/radio/navigation supplies, with wide range of electronics from the best world manufacturers – marine navigation equipment (radars, acoustic sounders, compasses, GPS and other), radio-communication equipment, safety equipment, ship security alert systems, voyage data recorders, internal communication facilities, fish-finding equipment (fish-finding echo-sounders, echo-ranging equipment) and other marine electronics.

All our marine electronic systems are provided with service and guarantee support and may be delivered all over the world. Company offices with stores in Russia and CIS and developed partner network make us comfortable and reliable partner for any ship owner.


Our advantages:

  • Supplies of the really high quality equipment 
  • Strong cooperation with ship owners in Russian Federation and CIS
  • Wide range of products is always at stock
  • Technical consultations providing
  • Project design, forming of technical data