Vessel "Meteor" project 342E


"Meteor" is duralumin diesel single-deck two-shaft hydrofoil motor vessel intended for fast passenger transportation during daytime on navigable rivers, freshwater reservoirs and lakes in regions with temperate climate.

Project designer - Alexeev`s Central Hydrofoil Design Bureau

Retrofit package includes:

  • main engines MAN D2842LE410 with output 1100 hp and installation of reverse gear ZF2000V;
  • engine monitoring and control system; 
  • transition frame;
  • line shafts and pillow blocks;
  • modernization project approved in River Register

Additional options:

  • supply of screw shafts and propellers;
  • saloon modernization;
  • installation of heating and conditioning systems in saloon;
  • installation of auxiliary diesel generator 220V;
  • installation of radio navigational equipment.

Refitted vessels: "Meteor-115", "Meteor-1482", "Meteor-237"

Technical characteristics:

Maximum length 34,60 m
Maximum width 9,50 m
Flying height 6,78 m
Foilborne draught 1,20 m
Full draught 53,4 t
Crew+passengers 3+123 pers
Cruising endurance 600 km

Maximum speed

65 km/h
Main engines 2 х 1100 hp
Propulsion 1 х fixed pitch propeller


V-type layout scheme Layout scheme