Fleet modernization


Fleet modernization department of “Marine Technics” Group was established as a separate subdivision in the middle of 2012.

The main task of the department is helping ship owners to deliver equipment and to find technical solutions for ship modernization.

The aim of the department is to select unique equipment set for a concrete ship, which will provide work efficiency

  • finding the best variant of replacement of equipment
  • project and design works
  • project and equipment endorsement with Marine and River register
  • selecting equipment within limits of a specified budget
  • economic substantiation and reasonability of equipment refit

 Main services

  • Replacement of existing equipment by analogues (if its resources had exhausted) 
  • Selection and delivery of equipment with better technical and operational characteristics (longer working resources, economy of operational costs) 
  • Selection and delivery of equipment satisfying the new requirements of International Conventions
  • Project and engineering developments of ship equipment refit

 Equipment delivery

  • replacement of main ship engines from 190 to 1 324 kW
  • replacement of ship diesel-generators 16 – 501 kW
  • selection of thrusters, pod-drives
  • delivery of equipment for bilge, ballast and waste water treatment and water conditioning
  • selection of compressors and blowers in ship systems
  • valves for all the ship systems (ballast, cargo, fuel)
  • ship’s boilers and separators
  • replacement of desk equipment (windlasses) and life-saving gear (lifeboats, boat davits)
  • oil tanker equipment (fire prevention devices, gas analysis instrument, tanker monitor systems, cleaning machines)
  • special modernization program for high speed crafts, including hydrofoil crafts (Meteor, Kometa, Voshod, Polesie, Zarya)

 Working with us our clients get all necessary services, from engineering developments to equipment delivery and service support