Products of RWO-Veolia Company include a wide range of equipment for water treatment:

RWO-Veolia Company has been focused on the production of water treatment equipment since 1975.
More than 45 skilled agents all over the world.
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Ballast water treatment systems


International Convention concerning ballast waters, was adapted in February, 2004 by International Maritime Organization (IMO, London) and requires ballast water treatment on board. The requirement for system installation on new-building ships entered into legal force in January, 2009.

RWO-Veolia Company has elaborated a module system CleanBallast. System operation is based on the two-stage method of ballast water treatment:

  • filtration by means of disc filters (DiskFilters) is used for particles, rests and organisms removal with size more than 55 micron at ballast water intake, and
  • system of electric and mechanical disinfection with expanded possibilities EctoSys for efficient removal of left organisms and bacteria before water supply in the ballast tank.

CleanBallast System of RWO-Veolia Company is easily integrated into vessel process and systems. Module design allows the installation of CleanBallast system and its components in the available area taking into consideration the arrangement of ballast system pipelines. It is very important for building of new crafts and modernization of old ones.

System possibility 150 – 2500 m3/h (increase up to 3750 m3/h is available)

RWO-Veolia Company, one of the first manufacturers of ballast water treatment systems in the world, has acquired a high-speed 360o 3D scanner. 

It allows:

  • to verify the ease of installation and arrangement of CleanBallast;
  • to make photos from different positions;
  • to evaluate the mount of ballast system pipelines (in order to minimize changes)


Advantages of RWO-Veolia ballast water treatment system:

Advantages for shipyards Advantages for Ship Owners
  • low power consumption
  • low system pressure loss
  • modular design
  • easily adaptable
  • proven quality
  • reliable and fast ballast water production even at high sediment load
  • low operation costs
  • working in high and low saline water
  • highest level of automation
  • easy to operate and maintain
  • worldwide service network
  • no corrosion
  • real operation experience


  • Type Approval Certificate
  • GL Germanischer Lloyd
  • SBG See Berufsgenossenschaft
  • MED Marine Equipment Directive
  • RMS Russian Maritime Certificate
  • CCS China Classification Society
  • AMS (Alternate Management System) by USCG United States Coast Guard

Advantages of RWO-Veolia oily water treatment system:

  • exclusively high level of treatment; 0.1 ppm of oil content in treated water according to IMO regulations
  • totally corresponds to all specific rules of limited access zones (USCG Alaska requirements)
  • great Lakes, St Laurence requirements
  • absolutely conforms to all specific rules and requirement of classification societies (5 ppm - Criterion DNV-Green Ship, Environmental Sound Ship, GL Environmental Passport, Blue Angel)


  Other manufacturers RWO RWO advantages
Type of oily water separator Closed type Suction type Suction type allows to avoid intensive mixing of source water, so, the cleaning efficiency increases. As a result, we have a longer service life of the device
Coalescence stage Nontight installation or separator with plate coalescence filters without filtration effect Special coalescence element with additional filtration element Filtration on the first stage allows to avoid blockage of second stage and extends the service life.
Bypass device Not included Included Second stage will be used only under extreme necessity, so the service life is extended and operation costs are considerable decreased.
Second stage of filtration Fine coalescence device. In order to achieve the efficiency of absorber, the coalescence device on the 2nd stage is to be very “fine” (<1 µm), what will lead to inconvertible blinding in a short period of time Absorbing cartridges Absorption has a high efficiency for oily water (emulsions), so it provides good cleaning values and security (ex. in case of control by port government)
Quality of water The most part is tested > 5 ppm, i.e. they don’t comply with class of ecological data sheet or requirements of limited access zones Tested and certified << 5 ppm High purity of treated waste water, environmental sound, green passport and requirement of limited access zones are executed. No problem with control by port government.

WWT-LC - Hygienically safe effluent according to IMO-Standards

The RWO-Veolia WWT-LC sewage treatment plant is a 3-chamber process. The heart of the plant is a well-established Moving-Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR), where organic matter is degraded into carbon dioxide and water by microbial activity. The air required for this process is generated by an integrated blower. The aeration stabilises at the same time the biomass and prevents harmful and dangerous gases from forming, such as methane and hydrogen sulphide.

From the Bioreactor the wastewater flows into the Clarifier compartment. Here residual solids are separated by sedimentation and returned back into the Bioreactor compartment. The treated wastewater flows into the Disinfection compartment where a chlorine based disinfection chemical is added. The clean and hygienically safe water is pumped overboard via the discharge pump, controlled by level sensor in the disinfection tank. To meet the limit values set for the chlorine content, a special neutralising agent, LC35, is dosed prior to the discharge pump. This post-treatment process is a unique feature of WWT-LC making it independent from on-board water quality and keeping the pH values within limits.

Advantages of WWT-LC


  • Mixed Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR), giving process stability and excellent effluent results
  • Meets the stringent performance requirements of the IMO Resolution MEPC.159 (55)
  • Approved and certified according to IMO
  • Resolution MEPC.159 (55) by the German SBG
  • Compact, small footprint design
  • Delivered as plug and play unit, ready for operation
  • Fully automatic operation, easy to maintain and with low running costs
  • Suitable to treat black and grey water, or black water only
  • Suitable for both gravity and vacuum sewage drainage
  • Vacuum systems and grease traps are available
  • Due to special post-treatment no pH adjustment problems (which usually occur on board due to different hardness)
  • Robust, user friendly

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