Kobelt Manufacturing has been manufacturing control systems for engines, electronics, hydraulic and electro-hydraulic steering gears, brake shaft systems, control systems for board equipment and industrial brake system of high quality since 1962. Equipment is widely used in pleasure boats, working and other boats, rig platforms and plants, wind turbine.

"Marine Technics" Group as an official representative of Kobelt Company would like to offer to the clients the following equipment:

Kobelt steering systems 

Kobelt Company produces a wide range of components for hydraulic piston steering systems including following integrated systems: manual hydraulic control, electro-hydraulic system, manual system with support and electric one. Constant quality control, own production of all elements and corrosion-proof materials provide reliable device operation during the warranty period and after it. Kobelt manufactures the biggest amount of parts for steering gears among companies which are present on the actual market.

Manual push-pull control 

Kobelt products have a global reputation for durability and performance, and are constantly being improved upon. Most of the products are patented. These items are unique on the market because only Kobelt supply a wide range of equipment which is corrosion-proof under sea conditions. Usage of the best materials for construction and experience of qualified engineers allow Kobelt to offer the best warranty period on its market sector.
Manual push-pull control is the easiest control method for small crafts. Flexible cables require minimum of construction works and needn’t special adapter fittings and clamping. Kobelt is an exclusive manufacturer in the world of control elements made of stainless steel and brass. Furthermore, due to prices and quality the ship owners can make only one choice among manufacturers.  Duration and quality of Kobelt products are well-known all over the world and excites envy of competitors.

Kobelt disc brakes 

For more than 30 years Kobelt Company has an international recognition as a manufacturer of high-reliable disc brake systems. It has an excellent reputation for reliability and economic efficiency. Kobelt disc brakes are used in all corners of the world in order to tackle different issues that have become real due to development of world service net.  

The most part of old brake calipers were manufactured in sand-clay cast bronze. Increased demand prompted the Company to apply extensive knowledge of bronze die-casting technology to new series of brakes. Especially, caliper models 5019-5027 are made entirely of die-cast silicon bronze with stainless steel form. While older models are still available upon special request, the new series is much more uniform in design and is also more cost-effective.

All our supports can be supplied in either hydraulic or mechanic configuration. Several types of brake linings are also available to comply with environmental guidelines.

Main fields of application:

  • aerospace industry;
  • cable spooling reels;
  • cable trams;
  • chair lifts;
  • conveyor band systems;
  • draw works disc brakes, both on land and off-shore;
  • drill ship anchor handling;
  • hoists;
  • industrial equipment;
  • logging and forestry;
  • mining;
  • pulp and paper industry;
  • pipe laying barges;
  • propeller shaft brakes (30 – 36 780 kW);
  • railroad equipment;
  • sugar industry;
  • wind generator.

Selecting the proper brake disc and brake caliper is important and can only be accomplished if all the information pertaining to the operation of the braking system is made available to Kobelt. When completing application form, it is best to consider the most challenging operating conditions. If a brake runs 95% of the time on the light duty cycle, and 5% on the heavy-duty cycle, it is the 5% that must be considered when selecting a braking system.

If a brake disc, however, is poorly installed, no air condition, overheating, disc failure and premature lining wear may result. When installing a brake disc that is running at elevated temperatures, it is of extreme importance to allow for disc expansion and contraction in operation. Bolt holes for attaching a disc should be over-sized and spigot IDs must have clearance.

If a client fails to give accurate operation conditions influencing on disc operation, Kobelt is not responsible for consequences.  The same is applicable to devices with harmonic vibrations under critical turns which can influence on disc and caliper operation.

Kobelt pneumatic control system 

Kobelt pneumatic control components are the most reliable means of control for marine power units packages and deck machinery. Elements are made in simplifying designs, by eliminating many moving parts and yet retaining all the essential safeguards. The simplicity in design, in conjunction with the selection of material, makes Kobelt the number one in choice for such systems.

These systems lend themselves extremely well for multistation remote control, interlocks and time delays, automatic load share and automatic load control.

All necessary alarms, control-consoles and console-tops for the complete turn-key package are also provided.
Kobelt products have an enviable reputation for durability and performance. It is based on the simple fact that Kobelt is the only control manufacturer in the world providing a non-corrosive marine control systems.
The absence of plastic, zinc, aluminum and steel, with rugged design, puts Kobelt into an exclusive class of manufacturers.

Kobelt electronic control systems 

Ever since the beginning in 1962, Kobelt Manufacturing Limited has been committed to manufacturing the finest marine controls in the world. From the very first line of pneumatic controls, Kobelt believes in the simple things – rugged construction, quality materials and prompt delivery to customers. Today, the technology has changed, but this commitment remains the same. From the innovations in electronic controls and production technology made of bronze and stainless steel, Kobelt products are sold all over the world and make Kobelt an international leader in maritime technology.
To ensure many years of corrosion-free operation, all Kobelt control components are made of bronze and stainless steel. Kobelt even uses bronze to house such things as microprocessors and PC boards. It may take a little more effort to build, but it guarantees the best quality.

Kobelt electronic control components:

  • motorola microprocessor with a LAN input for head units;
  • up to 12 point switch inputs for the synchronizer and alarms;
  • 8 point potentiometer input for the actuator feedback;
  • 6 actuator outputs;
  • 2 brake relay;
  • alarm relay;
  • RS232 communication port for communication and calibration of all components of the control system


  • electronic or mechanical throttle outputs
  • electric or mechanical clutch output
  • constant and variable timing
  • speed amplifier
  • manual speed control
  • shaft brake timing
  • trolling valve
  • omega slip clutch
  • PTO control
  • clutch relay
  • CP propeller control
  • engine load control
  • engine synchronizer
  • engine alarms
  • 12 V or 24 V power supply with a single cable from processor to control heads
  • control and monitoring

Kobelt is able to manufacture all types from the simplest manual hydraulic steering devices to complex electro-hydraulic control systems of ocean ships. Kobelt model range is the most complete in the world.

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