Vacuum drain systems Evac OY

EVAC Company (equipment manufacture since 1975) has already established on the market as a reliable supplier of wide range of equipment for waste water treatment (physical-chemical, biological, membrane cleaning), vacuum plants for waste water collection (ejector or in-line type).

Advantages of EVAC Company:

  • common manufacturer guarantee for:

- cleaning units;
- vacuum toilet system;
- system of waste water collection.

  • optimal equipment choice for all types of vessels.
  • low operational expenses.
  • wide agent network all over the world

"Marine Technics" Group as an official dealer of EVAC Company offers to buy the following equipment:

Plant for waste water treatment of membrane type MBR



  • IMO & MED certified according to IMO 159(55);
  • no suspended particles and, as a result, crystal-clear floats.
  • absence of pathogens, coliform bacterium and viruses in float without disinfection
  • very low operational expenses and power consumption
  • expected service life of membranes more than 10 years
  • small area
  • material: Stainless Steel AISI 304/316L
  • low slug rest
  • no constant chemical flow rate
  • no need in disinfection

MBR membrane bioreactor is a plant of waste water treatment with biomass and membranes.
Constructed systems complies fully with requirements of IMO Resolution MEPC.159(55) which defines the quality of floats for waste water cleaning units.

Plant for waste water treatment of physical-chemical type ORCA III



  • IMO & MED certified according to IMO 159(55);
  • high quality of manufacturing; system for marine application;
  • low expenses for equipment mount;
  • small area, available for mount in narrow and little spaces;
  • compact mount with simple automatic operation mode;
  • safety performance;
  • low expenses for operation and maintenance;
  • high efficiency;
  • high quality of treated sewage water

ORCA III represents units for waste water treatment of physical-chemical type, projected specially for black water (waste water) treatment and mixture of black and grey (water from shower, kitchen, sink, etc.) water on board of commercial ships, yachts and cruise liners.
Constructed system complies fully to requirements of IMO Resolution MEPC.159(55) which defines the float quality for waste water treatment units.

Grease separator


In order to clean waste water from caboose and for reliable work of waste water treatment units it is necessary to use grease separator. Grease, coming with waste water from caboose, leads to blocking drain pipelines and to failure of waste water treatment unit. Construction and choice of grease separator are effected according to the standard DIN 4040-1.

Standard model range of grease separators is intended for vessels with number of persons from 6 to 1600. Rated flow speed is 0,5-15 l/sec. When the waste water comes from the caboose in the grease separator, the grease is separated from the water by gravity.

There are models with manual grease discharge and automatic grease discharge.


  • high quality of manufacturing;
  • wide model range;
  • small area, available for mount in narrow and little spaces;

A new product: System of food waste treatment EVAC


System of food waste treatment Evac is intended for waste treatment on big and medium vessels. It works on the basis of vacuum moving. The operation of vacuum system is effected by two patent pumps: one pump is mean for air and another – for fluid. Their common operation provides greater efficiency and reliability of the system in comparison with other systems which have only one rotor pump. Thus, special conditions are made in order to avoid uncontrolled blockage in pipelines. The system is able to work with two pipes of different type and size: 50 and 75.


  • fully automatic operation;
  • powerful, high-efficient and reliable vacuum unit of new generation for waste moving;
  • output signal for leakages in pipelines is provided;
  • output signal for blockage in pipelines is provided;
  • low water consumption;
  • different types and dimensions of storage container;
  • mA level sensor in the tank sends a signal of free space inside the tank.
  • plate of macerator unit can be mounted on the sink top or can stand separately;
  • operation with two different types and sizes of pipes is available;
  • separate pressure pump guarantees continuous waste collection.

Vacuum units for waste water treatment



  • collection by vacuum is economically more effective.
  • independence from gravitation.
  • lower weight of pipelines.
  • flexibility and easy mount.
  • low water consumption;
  • low weight of accessorizes;
  • pipeline connections without welding;
  • best hygiene;
  • easy maintenance;
  • absence of pipeline corrosion.


Vacuum toilets


  • high-quality ceramic/stainless steel.
  • reliable operation.
  • solid mechanism.
  • full set: bowl, seat, cover and mount set.
  • easy construction
  • low weight.
  • absolute leader on the vacuum toilet market.

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