Ellehammer Company has been working since 1904. The equipment Ellehammer was manufactured in order to correspond to all wishes of the customers. Ellehammer always offers the best solutions and individual approach for client need satisfaction.

Emergency anti-fighting pumps Ellehammer:

Emergency anti- fighting pumps Ellehammer represents complex devices consisting of many separate components with ideal communication in order to provide a perfect operation. As a result, the highest requirements for elements mount are set up.

Model range:
From plants with 4 cylinder engines, power 90 kW, output rate 70m3/h, to big devices with 6 cylinder engines with power 2500 kW and output more than 3000 m3/h under pressure 12 bar.

Complex of emergency anti- fighting pumps may include following systems:

  • hydraulic system
  • control system
  • electric system
  • cooling of engine, pump, compartments for pump and fuel 
  • system of air supply in the combustion chamber
  • system of exhaust gases outlet

Ellehammer ejectors:

Under ejector we mean pumps of a very easy construction. In general, ejector works with high-speed jet of water shooting through cylinder tube which will drag in tube the flow of respective fluid. In the tube both flows are mixed, thus leads to pressure increase. This pressure will grow in the diffuser until the speed decrease till the level of normal pumping is achieved.

Due to absence of moving parts, ejectors are reliable in operation and needn’t maintenance execution. In comparison with pumps, ejectors are self-rotating and can be projected for powerful vacuum creation.

Ejectors can be used for all fluid and gas pumping and even for suspended particles of considerable size. More than 75 000 ejectors Ellehammer are operated at present all over the world. And even more.

The productivity of Ellehammer ejectors is up to 800 m3/h.

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