On December 1, 2018 Econosto Nederland bv changed its name to ERIKS bv, while preserving for its clients all over the world already known brands Econosto® and Econ®

ERIKS bv is a group of companies represented in more than 350 branches in 20 countries. 

ERIKS is a multi-profile company offering a wide range of components and technical services in shipbuilding field. 7500 qualified specialists around the world render services in vessel construction as well as maintenance, repair and total overhaul. If necessary ERIKS bv can optimize product range under clients’ needs with the ideal price/quality ratio.

Econosto®, Econ® are world-known quality symbols that constitute the most important factor in choosing marine valve supplier over one century.

For its clients, ERIKS bv offers following advantages:

  • wide range of marine valves and components are available on the stock;
  • high quality of products;
  • developed network of representatives around the world;
  • certificates of RMRS, RRR, GL, RIN, BV, LR, etc.;
  • handy search engine for necessary equipment via catalogue, electronic catalogue and company web-site. 

As an exclusive dealer of ERIKS bv - Econosto Marine Technics Group offers the following:

  • gaskets;
  • O-rings;
  • control valves;
  • other marine valves.

Official web-site of ERIKS Econosto