High tension leads and accessories


Since the mid of the 90‘s, MOTORTECH has become one of the leading manufacturers of unshielded and shielded high tension leads (spark plug leads). The PolyMotTM design, which was patented in 1996, has created a big change in the industry to more reliable equipment that is capable to transfer high voltages from the ignition coil to the spark plug. Increasing load demand, higher efficiencies and lean burn operation coupled to the use of alternative gas qualities like bio gases have made it mandatory to have a good terminal connection to the coil as well as to the spark plug. A built in suppression resistor reduces the RFI noise that can be critical when electronic ignition is used and extra electrical spikes are recognized as pickup signal.

In the industry where Class I; Div 2 certification is required, MOTORTECH today offers the MotBlues – a shielded and CSA approved high tension lead – which does not have the poor performance as the standard shielded designs.

The MotBlues has been accepted very well by the big integral compressor engine market.