MIC850, MIC500, MIC3, MIC4 ignition systems


The MIC850 is an ignition controller, designed to meet the latest specifications in relation to the microprocessor speed, accuracy and programming language.

Technical data and features

  • 24 output channels 
  • 300 V primary voltage 
  • 180 mJ of energy 
  • 0.1 ° crankshaft accuracy
  • Triggered by 1.2 or 3 pickups 
  • Automatic control of spark duration (ASC) 
  • 3 multi-purpose outputs (GPO) 
  • Large built-in LCD display with keyboard (optional)


  • CAN Bus interface (open protocol) 
  • USB port


  • Runtime data 
  • Ignition timing and mapping 
  • Data logging 
  • Primary and secondary misfiring detection

MICT - ignition configuration tool

  • Windows PC based 
  • Graphic user interface 
  • 24 configurable alarms 
  • Programmed timing and energy curves can be monitored


  • For small and mid-sized gas engines from 2 to 16 cylinders 
  • Microprocessor controlled, single pickup, camshaft disc (4-stroke) or flywheel (2-stroke) triggered 
  • Fully programmable timing control curves and other features