Tankers RST27M


Shipyard: Krasnoye Sormovo, Okskaya Shipyard, Khersonsky Shipyard
Ship owner: V.F. Tanker
Design Bureau: Marine Engineering Bureau
Length: 140,85 m
Width: 16,6 m
Hull heigh: 6 m
Water draft: 4,2 m
Deadweigh: 6980 t
Speed: 10 knots

Main engines: 2*1200 kW 

Class: КМ ✪ Ice1 1 R2 АUT1-ICS OMBO VCS ECO-S Oil tanker/Chemical tanker type 2 (ESP)

Equipment supplied by "Marine Technics"

  • oily water separator
  • sewage water treatment plant with grease separator

Type: retrofit

Quantity of ships equipped: 5

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