Shipyard: Zenit, Uralsk Plant
Shipowner: Government customer
Design bureau: Severnoe Desing Bureau
Length: 46 meters
Width: 7.8 meters
Draught: 2.5 meters
Displacement: 240 tonnes
Speed: 30 knots

Main engines: 2*2240 kW

Equipment supplied by «Marine Technics»:

  • 2 auxiliary gensets, 130 kW each
  • sewage treatment plant, physicalchemical type, capacity 1 m3/min
  • diving compressor
  • set of radio and navigation equipment
  • electrohydraulic crane, capacity 1000 kg
  • steering gear
  • oily water separator, capacity 0.5 m3/h
  • ventilation and air conditioning system

Service works: commissioning start-up works

Type: newbuilding

Quantity of equipped vessels:

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