Pumping unit DNA-SH-CNS240-1900-3T-K,  Rostov-on-Don


Насосный агрегат до монтажа в кожухе

The pumping unit is produced on chassis and in container. Inside the container there is an additional electrical pump used for filling main pumping unit and diesel-generator powering the additional pump. DNA-SH-CNS240-1900-3T-K pumping unit control system is operating in automatic mode controlling all the additional units and auxiliary systems, such as ventilation, fire extinguishing, lightning, heating, fuel pumping, motor oil and other systems.

DNA-SH-CNS240-1900-3T-K pumping unit is based on the most reliable engine MAN D2840 LE201 with maximal output power 567 kW. The engine is adapted for operation at crankshaft rotation speed 1900 rpm. At this speed maximum efficiency of main pump is reached.